Hale Bound PPP (Partner Promotion Program)

Enjoy complimentary cross-promotion for your business and earn 3K Hale Bound Rewards Points by showcasing a Hale Bound product in a social media video. Get an additional 2K points for talking about our customer service! 5K in rewards points = $50 in Hale Bound Credit!

Program Details

Create a video that showcases or reviews any Hale Bound product and post it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Be sure to tag Hale Bound in your post. For extra points, mention our customer service or shipping process! After you’ve posted the video, save the URL and enter it into the form below. Once approved by our team, we’ll also launch paid advertisements that highlight your brand together with ours!

Video Content Details

Hey creative wizards! No need for a film degree or fancy gadgets—you’ve got everything you need in your smartphone! Here’s what we’re after:

  • Pressing/Instruction videos for any of our products
  • Product/Customer Service Reviews.
  • Unboxing videos galore!

A Few rules to keep things smooth

  • Give a shout-out to Hale Bound Company in your video. Feel free to plug your own brand for some sweet cross-promotion action!
  • Keep your tunes to yourself:  No music, please. It’s a copyright/trademark thing.
  • Copyright/Trademark Notice: Do not use designs that feature major brand logos such as Nike, Disney, or Harley to prevent copyright infringement issues.
  • Keep it clean! No offensive visuals or talk, and please do not mention any other sublimation brands/companies (other than Hale Bound and your own).

Video Recording Tips

Don’t overthink it! Just think of these as friendly pointers that have worked for us. These simple suggestions should help you make some great videos!

Product Pressing Video

Recording Environment:

  1. Video Setup: Position a tripod to focus on your equipment, including your printer and heat press.
  2. Lighting: Ensure you press under good lighting; natural light from windows is ideal if available.
  3. Audio: Record during a time when it’s quiet to ensure clear audio without background noise.
  4. Record in segments: Example: Start by filming your printer as it prints the transfer. Next, reposition your tripod to capture the process of pressing the product.

Pressing Process:

  1. Adjust Settings: Set your heat press based on the product’s recommended settings or what you have found to work best for you. Be sure to mention in the video what Hale Bound recommends for time and temperatures. For example, you might say, “I’m setting the press to 400°F for 60 seconds, as recommended by Hale Bound.”
  2. Peel and Reveal: After the timer goes off, open the press and peel away the transfer paper to reveal the design.

Show the final Product!

  1. Display the Outcome: Present the finished item to the camera, focusing on the quality and details of the print.

Product Review/Unboxing Recording

  1. Stabilize Your Phone: Use a tripod or a steady surface to avoid shaky footage.
  2. Light It Well: Film in natural light or use soft artificial lighting to avoid shadows.
  3. Simple Background: Choose a clean, uncluttered background so your product stands out.
  4. Focus on the Product: Ensure the product is in sharp focus by tapping it on your phone’s screen.
  5. Check Audio: Record in a quiet place or use an external microphone to ensure clear sound.

Customer Service Review Recording

  1. Stable Setup: Use a tripod or rest your phone on a stable surface to avoid shaky footage.
  2. Quiet Environment: Record in a quiet place to ensure your voice is clear and easily understandable.
  3. Natural Lighting: Utilize natural light if possible, or a well-lit room to make your video look bright and inviting.
  4. Test Audio and Video: Do a quick test recording to check both audio and video quality before the final take.

These streamlined tips should help you create a professional-looking product video with ease!

Promotional Content Info

Your Post must be Public.
Please provide us the link to download the video from your cloud drive. If you have any issues please send and email to: ppp@halebound.com.