Q: One of the most common questions we get is does our MDF come with a protective film covering?

A: The answer is yes and no. For RTS MDF items (these are imported from china pre-cute) they WILL NOT have film. They will be separated by tissue paper. For all IN HOUSE laser cut items, they WILL HAVE protective film and will need to be removed before pressing. 

Sometimes we will run out of stock on the RTS items during our busy season such as Christmas ornaments. In the event, this occurs we will cut these items IN HOUSE to accommodate and fill orders. When in doubt if your MDF product has a film or not, the easiest way to tell is if your items have tissue paper separating each item. If it does then THEY DO NOT HAVE FILM. 

Q: What are the time and temp pressing instructions?

A:  We provide the pressing instructions on the purchase page of every product. However, please keep in mind these instructions are a general starting point and times and temps may vary based on the individual heat press.

General Pressing Instructions:

    1. Remove the film from the white side of the substrate.
    2. Remove any brown residue using a soft, damp cloth with a tad bit of soap.
    3. Place transfer Facedown MDF face up. Normal press for 50 seconds @ 380 degrees medium pressure. (Time and temp may vary based on heat press)
    4. If using heat tape allow to cool before removing the tape.

Q: After I pressed my coating started to bubble or peel, why is this occurring?

A:  This can occur because of too much heat. Start by reducing your heat setting by 15 degrees. If your press seems muted after then increase your pressing time by 5-10 seconds.

Q: What is the estimated processing time for IN HOUSE laser cut items?

A:  During non-peak holiday times our general processing time for laser cutting & packaging is 3-5 business days. During Peak Holiday peak times it can be 5-8 business days. If you’re in a hurry for your items you can always message us for a more accurate estimated processing time.

Q: Do you offer custom requests?

A: Yes we do! We require you to fill out a Custom Laser Cut Request form (click link below). For custom cuts up to 5″, we require a $50 minimum. For sizes larger than 5″ we charge $.12 per SI for 3mm For 5mm we charge $.15 per SI and by the sheet. Our current sheet sizes are 15×23.

We have an optional exclusive fee of $50. If you choose the exclusive option we will not resale your design as long as you continue to purchase them from us. The exclusive fee is void after 1 year and must be renewed each year. If you do not renew the exclusive fee we reserve the right to list the item for sale on our website. 

Q: Do you offer a bulk discount?

A: Yes we do!  Please contact us via email

If you need something custom cut please click the button below to fill out our request form.